Sugar Bytes Egoist

Sugar Bytes had a 50% off sale recently. JRR shop mirrored the sale, but gave an extra 15% off, so I bought a copy of Sugar Bytes’ slicing/groove software, Egoist. I don’t normally use loops, but what I like about Egoist (from what I saw in the demo videos etc) is that it is very […]

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tritik tkDelay

I’ve just bought the Beta of tkDelay – a vst delay plugin currently on sale for 9 euro (will be 29 euro when released). So far it seems very good.It’s a stereo delay with the usual tempo sync, ping pong etc but it’s got some nice extras like saturation, frequency shift (which can be set […]

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First post….

OK this is my first post on my WordPress blog. On this blog I will mostly be talking about my experiences making electronic music (of a mostly experimental form) using software and the occasional bit of hardware. I generally use a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) package called Reaper ( is relatively low cost (for non-commercial […]

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