First post….

OK this is my first post on my WordPress blog. On this blog I will mostly be talking about my experiences making electronic music (of a mostly experimental form) using software and the occasional bit of hardware.

I generally use a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) package called Reaper ( is relatively low cost (for non-commercial work) but very powerful, particularly in terms of routine audio and MIDI between tracks and plugins within the software. I run Reaper as a 64 bit program (there is a 32 bit version too) on Windows 7, running on my Dell laptop.
I also have a lot of virtual synths and effects which are loaded into Reaper (most recently I bought Fxpansion’s Bloom delay vst in a sale at Plugin Boutique, which has turned out to be very nice indeed). I do have a MIDI keyboard but these days rarely plug it into the laptop – I generally create tracks using the piano-roll editor in Reaper and using automation tracks.

You can find some of my older tracks at
I haven’t uploaded anything for a while – I’ve gone a bit insular recently (in fact I’m only setting this blog up as a test for someone at work).

I used to build my own hardware… Not done that so much since I moved over to software – though I do have Reaktor and have built a couple of things with that – i should get into it more though)

OK, here’s a couple of useful resources for virtual electronic music makers: (KVR Audio) is a web site devoted to audio plugins (i.e. the virtual synthesizers, samplers, effects etc that ‘plug in’ to Digital Audio Workstation software). It contains news, user reviews, discussion forums and a massive database of just about all known plugins. VERY useful (although the discussion forums can get a bit arsey at times) (Rekkerd) is a site devoted to news and some reviews of music software in general. It doesn’t have discussion forums as such (though you can add comments to articles) but does tend to get the news a bit faster than KVR.

In the future, I intend to add some reviews of some of the stuff I use, but for now, I will end it here.


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