tritik tkDelay

I’ve just bought the Beta of tkDelay – a vst delay plugin currently on sale for 9 euro (will be 29 euro when released). So far it seems very good.It’s a stereo delay with the usual tempo sync, ping pong etc but it’s got some nice extras like saturation, frequency shift (which can be set independently for left/right channels) and a filter, with its own LFO, which can be located either on the main output or on the feedback loop (for some very nice wobbly effects). There are still some features missing – the LFO doesn’t sync to tempo and the filter only has band-pass currently, but tritik say they hope to get these implemented by the time it is fully released.

Even as it stands, though, it can do some very nice wobbly syncopated delays. Very good value at it’s current price.

It can be found at


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