Sugar Bytes Egoist

Sugar Bytes had a 50% off sale recently. JRR shop mirrored the sale, but gave an extra 15% off, so I bought a copy of Sugar Bytes’ slicing/groove software, Egoist. I don’t normally use loops, but what I like about Egoist (from what I saw in the demo videos etc) is that it is very fast and dynamic to use – you can load a sample and change the slice points even after you have started sequencing it. You can also quickly set envelope shapes, change pitch & reverse slices. What I’ve been using it for is to load vocal or pad sounds (i.e. sounds without obvious transients), then setting the threshold slider so it ‘detects’ a load of transients in the sample (from slight variations in volume) and creates slices. I’m then sequencing those slices to give really interesting undulating effects (I suppose a bit like the old Korg Wavestation‘s wave sequencing). Or I’m chopping samples into tiny slices and creating percussive effects. It’s great fun and can give some really interesting sounds.


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